Sometimes the creation and birth of a true iconic works of art can start with just a few simple lines of inspiration drawn on a scrap of paper.

After many years of art and fashion design Christopher wanted to create something truly special that he hoped would not only inspire people but affect people on a personal and emotional basis when they see and interact with the angel for the first time.

This hope and inspiration manifested its self into the creation of the (angel of love and hope, love hope and liberation) it was by far the hardest and complex creation Christopher had ever embarked upon taking over four years to perfect including the feminine figure and the shape and profile of the wings that was eventually ironically inspired by the outstretched wings of a dove.

The angel is made from the best marine grade stainless and painstakingly polished by hand to a mirror finish due to the fact the stainless steel used in the sculpture can never deteriorate.

Christopher’s hope the angel will inspire and bring joy for many generations to come and true fulfilment of an artist’s best and finest work of a life time.

( Here are just a few pictures  of various exhibitions of the angel and the Magical beguiling personal interactive response to the angel sculpture  )

So many people hugely enjoyed the day embracing and personally embracing the angel of love and hope.

The response of so many people was far far beyond Christophers expectations.

And hugely satisfying and fulfilling after so much hard work creating the angel.